Adventure Club Registration

Online registration is now open. Register for Adventure Club and pay the registration fee ($25 /student, $50 max per family) when you arrive for the program. It is our desire and honor to serve your family!

Adventure Club Registration




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I, the legal parent/guardian listed above, hereby authorize the participation of the above-named child in activities at Grace Bible Church. In consideration of Grace Bible Church providing these activities, I, on behalf of myself and the other parents and guardians of the minor, do hereby release Grace Bible Church, its officers, employees, agents, and members of the Board of Elders from all claims and causes of action by reason of any injury which may be sustained as a result of these church activities, whether on the church premises or on the way to or from these activities. I agree to direct my child to cooperate and to conform with directions and instructions of personnel of the organization in charge of these activities.

I, the legal parent/guardian listed above, hereby give my permission to the physician, nurse, or dentist selected by Grace Bible Church to secure medical or dental aid as required for illness or injury under a physician’s orders, including transportation to and from the necessary facilities. As a participant, I understand Grace Bible Church is not obligated to carry any insurance to cover those medical and/or dental expenses. If such insurance is carried, coverage will be provided only for expenses in excess of the limits of the participant’s insurance. I understand that my personal insurance is my primary coverage.

I, the legal parent/guardian listed above, hereby give permission to have my child, the minor listed above, photographed/filmed for the lawful purpose associated with the Grace Adventure Club program.



Pay online or in person:

After registering each student pay online anytime by going to our giving page and choosing the adventure club registration from the drop down menu. Please pay by Sept. 2nd. 

  • Registration is $25 per child $50 max per family.
  • High quality satchels $20 each. These replace the vests and shirts to attach the earned trading pins and keep their Adventure Club materials. This is a one time cost. These are meant to last years beyond the time your child is involved in our program. Purchase satchels for Trackers (PreK), Scouts (K - 2nd), and Trail Blazers (3rd - 6th).
  • Explorers (2-3 year olds) receive t-shirts with registration. They have no books or trading pins and a satchel is not necessary. 

Cost breakdown:

  • 1 child = $45 ($25 reg + $20 satchel)
  • 2 Children = $90 ($50 reg + $40 satchels) 
  • 3 Children = $110 ($50 reg + $60 satchels)
  • 4 Children = $130 ($50 reg + $80 satchels)
  • 5 Children = $150 ($50 reg + $100 satchels)
  • 6 Children = $170 ($50 reg + $120 satchels)